When it comes to cleaning your apartment, we take pleasure in ensuring that your living space is cleaned by our trustworthy team of cleaning experts. Our customized cleaning services are complete and consistent, so you can take comfort in knowing that you will receive the same level of quality cleaning services every time we come by.

Our flexible cleaning services allow you to make changes to your cleaning program, make a special service request, or even have us skip an area of your home. We delight in exceeding our client’s expectations and will follow your instructions to the letter to ensure you are completely satisfied with our professional maid and cleaning service.

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Apartment Cleaning! A high-end maintenance protocol for your apartment

Welcome to our unmatched apartment cleaning Fort Myers service, where elegant living is combined with spotless surroundings. Our upscale maintenance schedule guarantees that your flat will always sparkle and exude a refined yet cozy aura. 

High-end professional services

Enjoy the pinnacle of hygiene while our knowledgeable staff takes care of every inch of your living area. We know how important a well-kept house is, and our all-encompassing approach demonstrates our dedication to quality.

Contemporary cleaning methods

Modern cleaning methods and premium, environmentally friendly materials are used by our knowledgeable specialists to guarantee a pristine environment without sacrificing your health. From the slick surfaces of your contemporary kitchen to the sophisticated accents in your elegant living room, we take great care to provide an extensive and luxurious cleaning experience.

Customized cleaning option

We customize our offerings to your apartment’s particular requirements, understanding that every area needs special consideration. Whether you live in a spacious penthouse or a small studio, our staff can provide unparalleled cleaning services to improve your living conditions. Moreover, if you need special services like Move in Cleaning Fort Myers, we are here to help you have a clean space from the get-go.  

Take pleasure in the independence of a spotless house without the trouble. With our apartment cleaning service, you can enjoy the pleasure of a well-kept space without having to do any work at all. It is made to fit in perfectly with your busy lifestyle.

Create a sophisticated atmosphere

With the help of our apartment cleaning service, you can enhance your living space and create a sophisticated atmosphere that represents your taste in luxury and cleanliness. Savor the unmatched comfort of a spotlessly clean house, where every little thing bears witness to our commitment to quality. Select us for above-and-beyond cleaning services that will keep your flat a haven of elegance and tranquility.

L & L Home and Office Cleaning Services, Inc. are available daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly!

All rooms

We are very thorough with each room that we clean. From dusting surfaces, ceiling fans, frames, and baseboards to washing floors, vacuuming carpets and detailing your furniture, we don’t skimp on any of the small details.


A clean and sanitary kitchen is important for maintaining the health of your family. We take special care to ensure every surface of your kitchen is cleaned and sanitized. Every appliance, surface, cabinet, table, and chair in your kitchen will be scrubbed and sanitized. We even clean your refrigerator inside and out to rid your home of the disease-causing bacteria commonly found in food storage areas.


The bathroom is another area that requires close attention to detail to achieve a high quality clean. We scrub your bathtubs, showers, and sinks to remove any unsightly buildup. Then we polish your mirrors, vanity, and chrome surfaces. We finish up by cleaning your toilet, removing all garbage, and sweeping and mopping the floors.
Why Choose L & L Home & Office Cleaning Services Inc.?

L & L Home & Office Cleaning Services Inc. staff of well trained professional maids and cleaners have years of experience in residential and office cleaning. We will just clean your home or office, as specified by you, taking great care in handling your properties. We are confident in our work because all our previous customers are always satisfied with our services. So avail yourself to our maid and apartment cleaning services today and feel the difference.