Deep cleaning

At L & L Home & Office Cleaning Services, Fort Myers, we understand the importance of a clean and comfortable home. That’s why we offer a comprehensive deep cleaning service to ensure your space is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We know that with the demands of daily life, it can be difficult to find the time to clean every nook and cranny of your space. That’s where we come in. Our professionally trained staff is equipped with specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to tackle even the toughest of cleaning tasks. We take pride in providing the highest value in home cleaning, and have done our research to ensure that we offer competitive prices. We understand that a dirty and unkempt space can cause stress and affect your mood negatively. That’s why our main focus is to provide a friendly, reliable, and valuable deep cleaning service that leaves our customers with a beautiful and spotless environment. Fort Myers, Florida House Cleaning & Maid Service Check Out Our Specials Same Day Service.

Most popular deep house cleaning services include:

Living Areas & Bedrooms:

  • All of your carpeting and rugs are vacuumed
  • Vacuum, mop and dry all hard floor surfaces
  • Flat surface areas are dusted with a damp cloth
  • We mop and dry wood floors
  • Dust all your furniture and knickknacks
  • Your linens are changed if requested
  • Your beds are made
  • Dusting is done in all areas
  • Cleaning inside windows, seals, and blinds
  • All ceiling fans cleaned
  • All baseboards are wiped down


  • Your bathtubs and tile walls are cleaned and disinfected
  • Shower, shower doors, and walls are cleaned and disinfected
  • All mirrors are cleaned and shined
  • The sinks and countertops are cleaned and disinfected
  • Hard floors are mopped and dried
  • Bathroom carpeting and rugs are vacuumed
  • Your toilet is clean and disinfected
  • All fixtures are disinfected, cleaned and shined
  • We wipe down outside your cabinets, drawers and cabinet faces
  • General dusting in all areas


  • Your kitchen sinks are scrubbed, disinfected and shined
  • All countertop appliances are cleaned
  • Your refrigerator interior & exterior cleaned and wiped down
  • Your oven interior and exterior cleaned and wiped down
  • Kitchen countertops are cleaned and disinfected
  • The outside of your cabinets and cabinet faces and doors are wiped down
  • The exterior of large appliances are cleaned
  • Your table and chairs are cleaned
  • Your carpet and rugs are vacuumed
  • Your trash is emptied